Equest Special Riders Inc.
Instruction for physically and mentally challenged horseback riders since 1982
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Tacoma, Washington .
About About our Program
 If you are interested, please request a registration packet so that you may be put on a waiting list for the Thursday classes or Saturday classes. 

Classes are held once a week with approximately 45 minutes of riding time.  Riders interact with their equine partners, grooming, leading and etc. when they are not riding.

               Classes are presently conducted.   
                                              Thursday evenings 6pm to 8pm                                          
                                                 Saturday mornings 10:00am to 1pm
Riders must come every week.   We depend on our income to keep our program running and cannot afford scheduled down time when there are many riders out there who would use that time. 

Acceptance of Riders into Program
All riders must have a completed, signed and dated a registration packet, including basic information, a Liability Release(s), Media Release, Form for Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment and physician signed Medical Release form on file in the Equest Special Riders office prior to participating in any aspect of the program.  In addition, any rider prone to seizures must have a Rider's Release form signed.   All forms must be updated annually or more often as requested by the instructor.

Any participant with Down Syndrome must have had an x-ray within the last year clearing them of Atlantoaxial Instability

Riders at Equest Special Riders shall have no history of inappropriate behavior with fire, or any tendencies or history of abuse or violence directed toward other people or animals.

Riders must have moderate trunk or head control and be able to sit up with little or no assistance.   Riders over the weight of 75 lbs must be able to sit up on a horse and balance themselves by holding on a safety strap with one hand.

Riders must be of a height and weight that can be accommodated by the program's horses.  

Equest offers classes at a nominal cost to the riders.  We offer one-hour lessons at a cost of $45.00.  We ask that payment for the entire session be made at the time classes are scheduled.  If that creates an economic problem we will do our best to accommodate you.  No refunds will be given for classes that the rider is unable to attend.  Refunds will be given for classes cancelled by Equest.  Limited scholarships are available to those who cannot afford to pay.  The fees we receive from the students do not cover the entire cost of the program.  For the remainder of the costs we rely on donations such as those we receive from the Key Classic Morgan Horse Show​, Boeing Good Neighbors, The United Way, etc.  Other funds come from individuals and ongoing Equest fundraising events.  We  are entirely a volunteer organization with no paid employees.